TSF – The Spanish Five

The Spanish Five first established a strong presence on the Broadway line during the late ‘70’s under the crew’s founding president LEO. In 1979 STAN ONE was granted the TSF presidency and subsequently led the crew into a resurgence that lasted through the early ‘80’s. STAN ONE is still the crew’s president and PRIZ ONE aka SWAN ONE is the current vice president. Since 2001 TSF has become active once again with STAN, PRIZ as well as other members painting numerous walls around New York City.


YZ is a french/english artist in between graffiti and stencil. She uses different techniques to create her minimalist and architectural designs. In 2003 she initiated the project « Open Your Eyes », a giant’s face painted on to the tombstone-like electrical cabinets of fifty or so Paris streets. The selected locations are crossroads, stations and intersections. They symbolize the web of communities, exchanges and sharing between cultures. Painted on to the network of electrical cabinets (which are supposed to bring us light), these faces, in turn, constitute a giant face superposed over the map of the…


Pics courtesy of NOAH. Read NOAH interview.

Cloud K Long

Pics courtesy of CLOUD K. LONG.


Pics courtesy of SAG ONE.