Operation Lockdown MAY 27th, 2005 The Hook NYC

Terry Mullan, Ignition Technician, O.B.I, C-Tag, Cypha, Miss LP and more. www.KindKidz.com

Lenny Dee MAY 12th, 2005 Sullivan Room NYC

Lenny Dee brings down the house at Sullivan Room. Click here to check out pics from dozens of other underground parties and raves in New York.

Oogaboogie MAY 7th, 2005 Club Seho NYC

Dustin Zahn of The Attack People, C-Tag, Cypha and Miss LP. www.KindKidz.com

DJ Preach APR 16th, 2005 Club Seho NYC

DJ Preach rocks the Kind Recording weekly at Club Seho with Lasix, C-Tag and others. www.KindKidz.com

New Breed FEB 19st, 2005 Club Seho NYC

Arkus P Live, Viper XXL, DJ Amok, Knowledge, C-Tag, Jason BK & more. www.KindKidz.com  www.Matame.net

Stay Kind JAN 8th, 2005 Club Seho, NYC

Hard techno and funky house featuring C-Tag, DJ Fame, Cypha and Destro. www.KindKidz.com   www.Stay2uned.com

Godskitchen OCT 15th, 2004 Ikon NYC

Tim Xavier, Agent Orange, Dylan Drazen, Monro Secor & Destro.

Godskitchen SEP 11th, 2004 Ikon NYC

Tim Xavier, Agent Orange, Dylan Drazen & Monro Secor tear up New York City.

It’s A Wrap JUL 3rd, 2004 Frying Pan NYC

PH10, C-Tag, Jason BK, Destro and others at PH10 album release party. www.Blackkat.org

Tronic Treatment MAY 17th, 2004 Sullivan Room NYC

Agent Orange, DJ Becka and others.

Bryan Zentz & Tim Xavier MAY 7th, 2004 Rare NYC

Bryan Zentz and Tim Xavier drop techno bombs on New York City.

Tronic Treatment MAY 10th, 2004 Sullivan Room NYC

Christian Smith and Bryan Zentz techno mayhem.

Tronic Treatment MAY 3rd, 2004 Sullivan Room NYC

Misstress Barbara brings down the house with hard techno.

Mauro Picotto MAR 12th, 2004 Avalon NYC

Mauro Picotto and Danilo Vigorito come to Avalon.

KIND0001 Release FEB 26th, 2004 Club Seho NYC

Mark Verbos, Kazu and others at Kind Recordings Pre-Release Party. www.KindKidz.com

Tronic Treatment FEB 2nd, 2004 Sullivan Room NYC

Detroit legend Kevin Saunderson and DJ Traxx.

Tronic Treatment JAN 26th, 2004 Sullivan Room NYC

Adam X, Dan Physics and The Rev.

Tronic Treatment DEC 1st, 2003 Sullivan Room NYC

DJ Frankie Bones and Adam X rock the party.

Trust Techno OCT 23rd, 2003 Trust Lounge NYC

The Rev, DJ Fame and others.

KindKidz Century Series OCT 4th, 2003 Bethpage NY

Free jam featuring Mr. Robb, Monro Secor, The Rev and many more. www.KindKidz.com