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Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1702 Portable Camera-Wireless Microphone System

UPC / EAN: AudioTechnicaATW1702


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Product Description

Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1702 Portable Camera-Mount Wireless Microphone System high fidelity digital camera mount reporting system With its compact and portable design, the System 10 Digital Wireless Camera System is ideal for video production, reporting and all intermediate mobile applications, the receiver offers several mounting options to suit a wide variety of cameras and recording devices. The channel selection, instant timing and configuration to camera models make it extremely easy to use, while its digital wireless operating at 24-bit / 48 kHz brings ultimate sound quality and reliable performance in the band 2.4 Ghz, away from interference of DTV or 4G. The ATW-1702 system includes an ATW-R1700 receiver and an ATW-T1002 handheld dynamic cardioid microphone and transmitter. There is also a complete system (ATW-1701/P) with lavalier microphone or (ATW-1701) with just the bodypack transmitter and no microphone. 24-bit / 48 kHz Digital wireless system, combining excellent sound quality and reliability Frequency range 2.4 GHz, operating outside of DTV or 4G bands Automatic Frequency Selection. Plug & Play. Ease of use and reliability Offers 3 levels of diversity (frequency, time and space) to ensure communication without interference Ultra compact and lightweight receiver (105 g) with multiple mounting options Extremely easy to use, with channel selection, timing and instant setup Output jacks balanced and unbalanced with selectable level control for use with most cameras and recording devices (3.5mm stereo mini jack output) Internal rechargeable battery with a life of 12 hours Independent headphone jack and volume control for local audio cueing Audio output attenuator on the receiver (0dB / 10dB / 20dB) for adjusting the sensitivity “2.4GHZ DIGITAL SYSTEM, 24 BITS/48 KHZ” The System 10 continuously monitors activity and automatically adjusts to the best signal in case of interference with WLAN routers, Bluetooth devices or other HF microphones. The 2.4 GHz frequency band protects you from licensing or frequency coordination issues or frequencies used by DTV and 4G. “AUTOMATIC FREQUENCY SELECTION” The System 10 constantly "monitors" frequencies and changes them if necessary. Thus, there are always a good 2 frequencies in the system, and the user does not need to manipulate anything. Up to 8 systems can be used simultaneously without any frequency coordination problems or group selection. “A MODULAR SYSTEM” Available as a handheld configuration (ATW-1702), lapel microphone configuration (ATW-1701/P) and as a bodypack configuration (ATW-1701), each System 10 camera mount wireless system also includes a camera mounting spigot in addition to the receiver and the transmitter.

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Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 13.9 × 6.9 × 3.1 in