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Innofader Pro 2 – Universal Replacement DJ Crossfader


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Product Description

Inno Fader Authorized photo innofader authorized reseller logo_zpsojxw0g6h.jpgDescription of the Innofader Pro2 from the official Innofader website:
The Innofader Pro2 is the ultimate replacement audio fader. It gives you an ultra precise ± 0.05mm cut-in accuracy for even tighter control of your scratches. Separate left and right cut controls make it easy to adjust without the need to recalibrate. And for the perfectionist in you, it even has super precise presets which allow you to do things like shift the cut point by a mere 0.04mm, less than even the thickness of your hair.
The Innofader Pro2 fits the following mixers:
  • 1) All of the Innofader compatible mixers
  • 2) Rane TTM-56/57, Pioneer DJM-800, and Pioneer DJM-900 without any extra adapters.
  • 3) All Allen & Heath Xone mixers
  • 4) All mixers previously requiring the Innofader + Innofader Output Adapter (Tascam XS-4, XS-8, old Ecler HAK 300/310/320)
  • 5) Numark M series and Vestax VMC-002 without mods
  • 6) Virtually any analog mixer that fits it, but possibly requiring mods.
  • 7) Ecler Eternal Compatible mixersIn addition to being compatible with a wider range of mixers, the Innofader
Pro has the following improvements over the original Innofader:
  • 1) No polarity testing is required. The Innofader Pro is a plug and play device for most mixers.
  • 2) Works over a full +/- 15V or 0 to 30V range.
  • 3) Allows crossfader forward reverse switching on all compatible mixers.
NOTE: The latest Innofader Pros have a red sticker at the top right corner of the box.
This indicates the following improvements:
  • Fixed noisy output on Vestax analog mixers
  • Added P&G cable for Denon mixers & Rane Empath
  • Added DJM-900 mounting bracket
  • Added insulator card on bottom
  • 2 Vinyl marking stickers included

Please note, RIOTSOUND is an AUTHORIZED INNOFADER DEALER. Every INNOFADER product we sell comes factory sealed and includes an original factory warranty. With nearly a decade of pro-audio retail experience, at RIOTSOUND we offer you the expertise, commitment and attentive customer service to make sure you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase, each and every time. Please shop with confidence and peace of mind.

Shop with an AUTHORIZED INNOFADER DEALER and receive a 1 year warranty on your item: 

Innofader’s manufacturer, Audio Innovate, warranties the Innofader against manufacturing defects for either 1 year after the date of purchase or 90 days after warranty repair is made, whichever is later. This warranty does not cover minor visual defects such as scratches and paint wear or defects caused by uses other than the intended use. In addition, the warranty does not cover damage to the unit due to mishandling by the user or technicians not specifically authorized by Audio Innovate. Audio Innovate can only warranty the Innofader when installed in mixers approved / compatible for installation. 

For a list of mixers and controllers compatible with ALL Innofader products, please CLICK HERE



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