Relief 2.0 JUL 16th, 2005 Tequila Joe’s Newark NJ

DJ Poogie, The Dever, Gonzo, Sykopath, Odi and others.

G.I. Jungle JUL 16th, 2005 Cedar Creek Park LI

Free park party with DJ Big Ears, Datcyde, DJ Chocolate and others.

P.S. 1 Warm Up JUL 16th, 2005 Art Center Queens NY

Juan Atkins, Alex from Tokyo and Kimyon at huge outdoor party.

Unify Day Party MAY 29th, 2005 Queens NYC

Ralphie Dee, Sykopath, Xylene, Jen Mas, C-Tag, Tracatak, Destro and more.

Dude Where’s My Scene JUN 24th, 2005 Bklyn NYC

Frankie Bones, DJ Funk, Adam X, Gonzo, DB, Odi, Joeski and more…

Relief MAY 13th, 2005 Tequila Joe’s Newark NJ

Frankie Bones, Gonzo, Nemesis & Sykopath at Relief Reunion Party.

4 US ALL MAR 12th, 2005 Club Seho NYC

C-Tag, Foodstampz, Cypha, Miss LP, Destro and more.

Time Machine DEC 4th, 2004 Queens NYC

Old school warehouse massive in Queens.

Deluxe AUG 26th, 2004 Sullivan Room NYC

Fierce and Clever tear up Sullivan Room in New York City.

Konkrete Jungle AUG 30th, 2004 Sullivan Room NYC

DJ Odi last performance at Konkrete Jungle before leaving NYC.

Payback JUL 29th, 2004 Avalon NYC

Old school reunion jam with DJ Dan, Dave Ralph, Nigel Richards, DB…

Junior Vasquez JUL 9th, 2004 Discotheque NYC

The legendary Junior Vasquez at Discotheque.

Arc Grand Finale APR 25th, 2004 Arc NYC

Danny Tanaglia classics marathon on Arc’s final night before closing.

NASA Rewind APR 3rd, 2004 Arc NYC

Legendary old school party reunion with Moby, Frankie Bones, Soul Slinger and…

Full Moon Festival JAN 31st, 2004 Lunatarium NYC

Adam X, Mark Verbos, DJ Traxx, Function, Tommie Sunshine in warehouse space.

New Lost City NYE, 2004 Lunatarium Brooklyn NYC

NYE party in warehouse space featuring Selway, Ulysses, Jason BK and many…

611 & Local 13 Party DEC 27th, 2003 Transit Philly

Free party featuring Nigel Richards, Circuit Breaker, Pat Egan, Jamie Morris and…

Genesis SEP 26th, 2003 Off Broadway Elmont NY

Round-N-Round, Invisible Friend and others.

De Ja Vu AUG 3rd, 2003 Flushing Meadows Park NYC

Free jam at Flushing Meadows Park featuring DJ Frankie Bones, Adam X…

All In The Family JUL 17th, 2003 The Club NYC

Round-N-Round and Invisible Friend rock the party.

Bass Invaders MAR 28th, 2003 Downtime NYC

Chris Liberator, DJ Frankie Bones and many others.

Insane Dimensions Aug 30th, 2002 NYC

Old school reunion party featuring The Dever, Tommy Tunes, Gonzo and others.

AUG 17th, 2002 Dumbo Brooklyn NYC

Mr. Robb and many others.

Reezist NOV 30th, 2002 Club Panache Brooklyn NYC

DATE: Saturday, November 30th     TIME: 10:00pm-4:00am LOCATION: Club Panache, 62nd St b/w…

Industry Shakedown – July 20th, 2002 Pier 63 NYC

RIOTRECORDINGS PRESENTS: DATE: Saturday, July 20th TIME: 1:00-9:00pm FEATURING: BOB BROWN Framework…